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About us

BitumTech is the result of the work of a creative team that has been conducting research in the field of heating engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulics and the specifics of preparing hot asphalt concrete mixtures for more than 20 years. The uniqueness of the solutions is confirmed by more than 40 patents obtained by our specialists

We provide individual support for each client, which allows us to select the best solutions for both typical tasks and non-standard requests.

Our Vision

Now we are under the influence of a wave of a new industrial revolution, a restructuring of the industry is taking place. It breaks down barriers between industries and boundaries between suppliers, manufacturers and consumers.

Currently, technological progress is leading to a dramatic change in the areas of road construction, the production of building materials and the oil and gas industry. During this decade, the process will only accelerate. The traditional industry classification will have to be revised. Innovative and energy efficient equipment will come to the fore, which will enable the creation of products with a high class of reliability. This aspect will allow our clients' business to reach a new level of income and expand the geography of presence.

Our technology

We offer the most modern technological solutions that significantly reduce the costs associated with the preparation of bitumen in the road sector, the oil and gas industry and the manufacture of building materials. The economic effect is achieved through the rational use of energy resources and the improvement of production processes. With state-of-the-art equipment that can reduce capital and operating costs by up to 50%.

Our technological solutions are confirmed by over 40 patents. More than 50 companies have already felt the positive business effect of equipment maintenance and recommendations. Each task is worked out by specialists with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Bitumen-smelting "FastPlav"

  • Productivity - from 3 tons / hour;
  • Reduction of heat losses - 5 times;
  • Preservation of the quality of bitumen;

Bitumen heating system "Kupol"

  • Reduction of heat loss up to 50%
  • Reduced capital costs from 10%
  • Preservation of the quality of bitumen;

Electric heater oils

  • The efficiency level is 98% when heated;
  • Simple operation;
  • Full automation;

Bitumen receiving unit

  • Drainage from any bitumen trucks;
  • Reception of bitumen from 30 m³ / hour;
  • Full automation;


Sergei Sayenko

General manager

Yury Nikulin

Scientific director

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