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Electric thermal oil heater

Field of application Hot oil is used as a heat-transfer agent in many manufacturing processes:  heating of oil products in tanks and vessels, bitumen melting plants;  wood drying;  paint drying;  heating of pipelines, pumps, etc. Application of oil heating systems offers massive opportunities for selection of required temperatures (without pressure increase) and in many cases ensures cost-saving and product-friendly heating process. Oil systems are not regulated by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. Functional capabilities and scope of delivery The electric hot oil heaters provide for the following functions:  keeping of the set temperature in automatic mode;  control of heating power (function of connection of the whole or half of capacity);  automatic shutoff of the heater upon fall of the level in the system (protection from dry running of the pump and overheating of heating elements). На рисунке: Level sensor, expansion tank, shutoff valves, control cabinet, circulating pump The scope of delivery of the hot oil heater includes:  thermal insulated heater body;  heating units of installed capacity;  circulating pump Calpeda (Italy);  shutoff valves ALSO (Russia);  expansion tank;  temperature and level sensors;  control cabinet. Heaters manufactured by us have a design with an immersion tubular electric heater which ensures better heat transfer conditions and prevents overheating of a heating element. Meanwhile the design implies that during replacement of a heating element drainage of hot oil from the system is not needed. Application of a commercial tubular electric heater ensures low cost and easy replacement. The total capacity of the heater is distributed evenly among tubular electric heaters of smaller capacity which results in increase of heat-release area, and in the event of failure of some elements the hot oil heater is capable of ensuring normal operation with somewhat lower capacity. Selection of capacity of a hot oil heater is done on the basis of energy consumption calculation taking into account the scheduled time of bitumen heating, the total area of the heat-release surface (including the surface of the bitumen tank, the length of hot oil and bitumen transporting main lines and surfaces of the heat-transfer fluid heater), the state of thermal protection of equipment and environmental conditions. When ordering the electric heat-transfer fluid heater offered by us, you will get energy consumption calculation of the equipment included in the system done by our specialists for free! Technical characteristics of the electric hot oil heater Characteristic NZHTEP-120 NZHTEP-96 NZHTEP-72 NZHTEP-48 Maximum heater capacity, kW 120 96 72 48 Maximum thermal output, kcal 103,200 82,560 61,920 41,280 Overall dimensions, L×W×H mm 1,550×1,530×1,990 Body capacity, m³ 0.8 Connection dimensions DN, mm: - supply nozzle - return nozzle 40 65 40 65 32 50 32 50 Heat carrier feed rate, m³/h 10 10 6 6 Electric capacity of the pump, kW 2.2 2.2 1.5 1.5 Maximum temperature of heat carrier, ℃ - hot oil - water 180 95 Performance coefficient of the heater 0.98 Th electric oil heater may be used both individually and in combination with flame heat-transfer fluid heaters. Cases of such implementation experience may be found in the PROJECTS section. Advantages of the electric hot oil heater The advantages over analogues are the following features of the offered electric heat-transfer fluid heaters. Fire safety. Automatic heater switch-off in the event of drop of the oil level in the system. Massive functional capabilities. During operation the heater’s capacity may be increased without introduction of design changes. For these ends a section of heating elements may be replaced by the one satisfying the production requirements. A similar option may be needed for expansion of the tankage. Easy installation and operation. Vertical configuration of the immersion tubular electric heater makes it possible to replace it without drainage of hot oil from the heater’s body. A commercial heavily marketed tubular electric heater is used. Automatic control of the oil level and temperature. Low heat loss. The oil heater has small overall dimensions, no exhauster which significantly reduces losses emitted into environment from the heater’s surface, and heat from the immersion heating element is fully used for heating of hot oil. If you’d like to contact our specialists on the matter of purchase of this product, we kindly ask you to fill in the contact form, call on one of the phone numbers below or send us an e-mail. Please leave your contact info and our specialists will call you back. Thank you for your interest in Energy-Efficient Bitumen Technologies.

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