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Bitumen heating system "Kupol"

up to

Reduced heat loss


Reduced capital costs

minimum of
5 times

Longer retains the properties of bitumen

The innovative patented Kupol design provides high quality material while reducing costs for heating of bitumen and its storage. This is a modern solution created by BitumTech specialists to increase energy efficiency and manufacturability of industries of any size. "Kupol" will relieve your bitumen economy from preheating tanks and unnecessary energy consumption, and you - from the need to solve the problems of bitumen aging.

Internal heating system for bitumen is an effective solution when the task is:

  • Place production on a small area (reduction of the required area by at least 10%);
  • Reduce energy costs by up to 50%
  • Preserve the quality of bitumen and extend its working properties;
  • Reduce environmental pollution without reducing the capacity of the enterprise;
  • Modernize the bitumen industry by applying innovative solutions with proven effectiveness.

Dome technology can be used in the following areas:

  • Road construction;
  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Building materials production.

How the bitumen heating unit works


Dome system for vertical storage provides the following benefits:

  • Bitumen retains its qualities The contact area of ​​bitumen with oxygen due to the design features of the internal structure is much less than in horizontal tanks and vertical reheating tanks, due to which the technological the aging of bitumen in the Dome device slows down many times compared to traditional technology.

  • Heat loss minimized The heat losses from the internal device of the Dome are useful and are used to preheat the main storage volume, due to which the heat consumption for compensation of external losses is significantly reduced.

  • Heats up just as much bitumen as needed The rest of the material "awaits" its turn without losing its properties.

  • Terminal area is shrinking There is no need for additional heating tanks - because the basic properties are preserved in the heating system material, while making it liquid enough for uninterrupted loading into transport, which provides compactness of production.

When using standard vertical storage:

  • Bitumen is heated in full Bitumen in vertical bitumen storage is heated to temperatures exceeding the minimum required for transportation, as a result of overheating, heat losses increase. The quality of the material with this approach worsens.

  • Heat loss over 50% With traditional bitumen heating technology, more than 50% of energy is wasted. It's connected with additional heat-dissipating surfaces: lateral surfaces of preheating tanks, a developed system pipelines and pipeline fittings.

  • Deterioration of bitumen quality Significant contact areas of bitumen with oxygen in preheating tanks lead to accelerated degradation bitumen as a result of oxidation at high temperatures. Continuous filling operations of reheating tanks, accompanied by splashing and active interaction with oxygen in a thin layer reduce the quality astringent.

  • Complexity of the piping system The presence of additional technological equipment (intensive heating tanks) leads to a complication piping system (piping), the emergence of the risk of overflows and the need to allocate additional time and energy costs for in-plant transportation of bitumen between workshops.

Cost of equipment manufacturing and installation

Installation costs for storage (bitumen storage with Kupol system) - significantly lower than with standard execution of a vertical tank and the use of additional heating tanks. This was made possible by reducing metal consumption and simplification of the technological scheme. At the same time, the cost of operation is several times cheaper. Savings on operating costs when using the system for internal heating has been proven in practice and reaches 70%.

Guaranteed solution to the problem of bitumen aging

BitumTech focuses on the correct storage of bitumen. Violations of this process reduce the quality of the stored product. Physical aging of bitumen, expressed in the evaporation of highly volatile compounds, is determined by the temperature regime heating and evaporation area - one of the negative processes of technological aging of bitumen on bitumen terminals. Another process is chemical aging, which is the transformation of oils into resins and resins into asphaltenes in as a result of chemical reactions of oxidation, is determined by the area of ​​interaction with oxygen and the temperature of the process.

The Kupol System is an innovative solution for large surface tanks, providing a reduction in the area of ​​contact of bitumen with oxygen in a local heating volume and a gentle storage mode the bulk of the product.

KUPOL system performance

Bitumen storage


30t per day 50t per day 100t per day 150t per day 200t per day 250t per day
RVS 500

RVS 1 000

RVS 2 000

RVS 3 000

RVS 5,000

Экономия при использовании системы «Купол»

Savings per ton:


With productivity in 20 tons per day

Seasonal savings:

133 100

With productivity in 20 tons per day

Construction savings:

510 000

When building a tank with a volume 1000 м³

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