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Intensive bitumen heating tank  4 m3, 6 m3, 10 m3, 20 m3 and more  improved thermal insulation  oil/electric/flame heating system  flow turbulization device Production facilities (asphalt concrete mixing plants) often need quick (intensive) heating of bitumens. It may be driven by the need to preserve quality (meeting the requirements of the Sanitary Regulation 78.13330.2012), by the adopted technology or by nonconformance of the physical properties of bitumen (quality requirements) with the conditions required for preparation of mixes. Intensive bitumen heating is heating of bitumen within a short period of time due to the improved thermotechnical parameters of the heating system (increased area of heat-release surface, increased heat-transfer coefficients, lower energy losses emitted to the environment, etc.) without degradation of its qualitative characteristics. Conventional horizontal and vertical storage tanks cannot fulfill the task of intensive heating of bitumen due to insufficient thermal insulation, the area of heating elements and their low surface capacity. Meanwhile, the use of low-temperature storage of bitumen and its intensive heating within a number of hours, alongside with preservation of qualitative characteristics of bitumen, ensures significant reduction of energy costs for thermal treatment of the binder. The intensive heating tanks offered by us are available in a horizontal and a vertical version with the oil, electric and flame heating systems. Storage tanks have improved thermal insulation (calculated on the basis of operating conditions) and may be equipped with the flow turbulization devices (for improvement of heat transfer efficiency). The volume of manufactured storage tanks is from 1 m³ (taking into account the developed technology and the Customer’s requirements). Intensive heating storage tanks may be used both as part of the processing line of low-temperature preparation of bitumens and as an independent unit of processing equipment. Our specialists can help you make the correct choice and calculate the useful volume of an intensive heating storage tank, parameters of thermal insulation and the flowchart of bitumen preparation. To get in touch with our specialists on the matter of purchase of these products please fill in the feedback form, contact us on one of the given phone numbers or send an e-mail. Please provide your contact information and our specialists will call you back. Thank you for choosing the Energy-Efficient Bitumen Technologies.

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