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На рисунке: HORIZONTAL STEEL STORAGE TANK  5 m3, 10 m3, 25 m3, 50 m3, 75 m3 and 100 m3  Thermal insulation  Oil/steam/flame/electric heating system Horizontal steel tanks are used at road industry facilities as storage tanks (bitumen storage tanks), reserve and day tanks. Tanks meet the requirements of the Russian National Standard 17032-2010 “Horizontal steel storage tanks for oil products”. For efficient use of tanks their heating elements should be designed taking into account operating practices, estimated environmental conditions, thermotechnical characteristics of heat insulation and application of the tank. Horizontal bitumen storage tanks are designed for storage and heating of bitumen up to the design temperature (pumping temperature or operating temperature); reserve tanks are designed for heating of bitumen up to the operating temperature (during pumping from storage facilities and bitumen melting plants), dehydration (where there is moisture in bitumen), heating up to the pumping temperature (when filling above-ground storage facilities), temperature maintenance (when delivering the product under the operating temperature – “just-in-time” system); day tanks are designed for maintenance of the operating temperature and periodic discharge of batched portions to the mixer of the asphalt-mixing plant. Insufficient surface of heating coils, capacity of electric heating elements may cause shutdown of the engineering process or elongation of the engineering process of preparation, thus resulting in excess heat loss for compensation of heat emissions into the environment. Our specialists carry out works on selection (calculation) of capacity and parameters of heaters of any heating systems – oil, steam, electric or flame. When buying horizontal steel storage tanks you get calculation of thermal insulation and heating system for free! To get in touch with our specialists please fill in the feedback form, contact us on one of the given phone numbers or send an e-mail. Please provide your contact information and our specialists will call you back. Thank you for choosing the Energy-Efficient Bitumen Technologies.

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