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The advantages of the storage tanks offered by us for storage of PMBB are: Improved thermal insulation. Since operating PMBB storage temperatures are significantly higher then those of conventional viscous petroleum bitumen, better heat insulation is needed for reduction of energy consumption in the process cycle. Wide range of mixing parameters. Taking into account the requirements of the production facility and characteristics of the stored product (PMBB), a range of various mixing speeds is available. Automation. The system of automatic temperature adjustment ensures measurement and control of the operating PMBB temperature for preservation of stable properties of the binder in the engineering process. The manufactured PMBB storage tanks are available in two options: with oil heating system – oil heating coils; and electric heating system – immersion/cut-in electric bitumen heaters. Selection of capacity of heaters (coils area) is done taking into account operating conditions of the PMBB storage tank. PMBB storage tanks with the oil/electric system of temperature maintenance are available with the following technical specifications: Name Effective volume, m³ Overall dimensions, D×H, mm Blade mixer drive Speed of rotation, rpm Capacity, KW РВ 4 3 2000×1270 70…140 0.37…15 РВ 6 5 2000×1910 РВ 10 9 2000×3180 РВ 20 19 2500×4080 Storage tanks with other overall dimensions are available too (upon request of the Customer). The scope of delivery includes: a tank for storage of PMBB with the oil/electric system of temperature maintenance, a blade mixer with the gear motor, a control cabinet, a temperature control sensor. To get in touch with our specialists on the matter of purchase of these products please fill in the feedback form, contact us on one of the given phone numbers or send an e-mail. Please provide your contact information and our specialists will call you back. Thank you for choosing the Energy-Efficient Bitumen Technologies.

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