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Bitumen receiving unit

To ensure discharge of bitumen from motor vehicles (bitumen carriers) discharge stations with quick-release connections or so called “bitumen pits”, i.e. open-type vessels serving as intermediate tanks and ensuring intake of bitumen from bitumen carriers of any design, are used. Please find the information about advanced methods of bitumen discharge in the guide here. Advanced bitumen intake units made by the Energy-Efficient Bitumen Technologies are automated stations with improved quality and high functionality. The following designs of “bitumen intakes” are available: 1. with electric heating (electric bitumen intake unit UPB-E) 2. with oil heating (oil bitumen intake unit UPB-M). Output of bitumen intake units is from 30 m³/h (discharge from a standard bitumen carrier lasts no longer than 40 minutes). Intake nozzle may be installed at any angle and adjusted to any height of a discharge device (nozzle) of a bitumen carrier. The standard scope of delivery includes: a bitumen pump of installed capacity (30, 60, 90 m³/h) with electric/oil heating, a heat-insulated vessel with electric/oil heating, a pump remote control, shutoff valves, a coarse-mesh filter. The following options are available: selection of a pump’s output and manufacturer (Russia, Turkey, Germany, USA), opportunity to install a temperature recording system, system of electric heating of the inlet bitumen pipeline, system of introduction of adhesion agents (additives), metal hose with quick-release connection for connecting of a discharge nozzle of a bitumen carrier. Equipment of the intake unit is installed on the common baseplate and delivered ready for operation. It does not require any special foundations.

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