Проект ООО ФРИЗ - компания Битумные Технологии

OOO Friz


Main tasks

  • Estimation of the needed area of oil coils for bitumen heating in the vertical steel storage tank RVS2000

  • Development of the draft design


For the FRIZ design bureau a draft design of the bottom bitumen heater in the storage facility with the total volume of 2,000 tons was developed. Energy costs calculation was done with the view to select the needed surface area of coil pipes of the heater coils taking into account the technology adopted at the plant, the parameters of thermal insulation and the designed environmental condition. Three heating circuits were designed to ensure release of the set quantity of heat only in various aggregate states of bitumen, to avoid overheating of binder and to preserve its properties.


  • Calculation of energy costs of the bitumen storage facility

  • Drafts of the bitumen heater for the vertical steel storage tank RVS2000

Suitable equipment and services

Design and manufacture of highly efficient heating elements


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