Проект ООО Нафтан 3000т - компания Битумные Технологии

Main tasks

  • Development of the efficient technology for reception, storage and heating of bitumen

  • Development of the specification of equipment and materials

  • Estimation of operating costs of the storage facility


Technological design of the 3,000 t module for bitumen storage was developed. The module consists of an above-ground vertical steel storage tank RVS3000, intensive heating tanks RGS50, heating stations for high-temperature organic heat transfer agents operating on gas and electricity, a bitumen reception tank and a loading arm for road tankers. Calculation of thermal insulation and performance of pumping equipment was done, pipeline diameters were specified, the plant’s demand for basic resources for the technological process was estimated. The engineering design includes a hydraulic diagram and a process flow diagram, a flow chart of the storage’s operation, a layout of the equipment, units and sections, a schedule and a specification.


  • Engineering design of the 3,000 t bitumen storage facility (1×vertical steel storage tank RVS3000)

  • Energy costs calculation of the bitumen storage facility

  • Calculation of the operating costs for the facility under design

Suitable equipment and services

Design of bitumen shops, warehouses and bases


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