Проект ООО Асфальтстрой - компания Битумные Технологии

OOO Asfaltstroy


Main tasks

  • Manufacturing of a standalone unit of bitumen reception with the electrical heating system


The unit of bitumen reception (bitumen receiver) ensures bitumen discharge when receiving bitumen from bitumen carrier trucks of any design. The receiving tank has thermal insulation and electric heating. The unit ensures reception of bitumen with the output up to 30 sq.m/hour. With the help of remote control, the operator can ensure heating of the tank, the pump and the bitumen supply pipeline and start and reverse operation of the pump.


  • The 30 t/hour unit of bitumen reception with electric heating system was manufactured

  • The unit was equipped with bitumen supply pipelines with ANGL band electric heating

Suitable equipment and services

Bitumen receiving unit


Design of bitumen shops, warehouses and bases


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