Проект Белгород НЖТ - компания Битумные Технологии

OOO BelStroyPlus


Main tasks

  • Heating of bitumen pipelines


An electric hot oil heater with the power of 48 kW. In this project the heater is designed for heating of bitumen pipelines (pipelines and fittings). The delivery package includes: a heating tank with immersion heating elements, a circulation pump (Italy), an expansion tank, shutoff valves, a control and automation cabinet. The NZhTE-48 has immersion heating elements (industrial electric heating elements) but it has the same advantages as the plants with “dry electric heating element” thus ensuring regulation of heating elements without oil drain.


  • 48 kW hot oil heater was manufactured

Suitable equipment and services

Electric thermal oil heater


Design of bitumen shops, warehouses and bases


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