Проект ООО ОрскНефтеХим - компания Битумные Технологии

Main tasks

  • Development of the efficient technology for reception, storage and heating of bitumen

  • Make the best use of the existing facilities

  • Provision of supplies of main equipment


In accordance with the contract with OrskNefteKhim Company the engineering design for technical upgrade of the fuel oil storage terminal to reception, storage and discharge of viscous road bitumen. A simultaneous storage stock of the terminal is 10,000 tons (2×Vertical Steel Storage Tank 5,000). The terminal provides for reception of bitumen both at highway and at railway with the output up to 250 tons/day. Unloading may be done onto trucks (up to 45 tons/hour or 250 tons/day) and onto rail tank cars (up to 120 tons/shift), also a Euro barrel packaging shop is available for packaging of bitumen. This project had a specific territorial restriction, that is why the perfect solution was to use highly efficient systems of internal heating Kupol-250-5000. The steelwork elements of the Kupol system were designed to ensure entry into the tank through the existing manhole hatch so as to avoid any breach of the structural integrity of the tank. Two systems of internal bitumen heating with the output up to 250 tons/day each (Kupol-250-5000) were manufactured and installed.


  • Engineering design of the railway bitumen terminal was developed

  • The Kupol-250-5000 system of internal bitumen heating (2 packs) was manufactured

Suitable equipment and services

Bitumen heating system "Kupol"


Design of bitumen shops, warehouses and bases


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