Проект ООО "Трек" - компания Битумные Технологии

Main tasks

  • Development of technology for receiving, storing and dispensing bitumen at the 25,000 t terminal

  • Development of technical conditions and selection of equipment

  • Making the most of your existing infrastructure


Within the framework of the contract with the OrskNefteKhim company, a technological project was developed for the technical re-equipment of the fuel oil storage terminal for the reception, storage and delivery of viscous road bitumen.

The terminal's one-time storage stock is 10,000 tons (2xRVS5000).

The terminal provides acceptance of bitumen both by road and by rail with a capacity of up to 250 t / day. Shipment is possible by road transport (up to 45 t / h or 250 t / day) and by rail (up to 120 t / shift), there is also a workshop for packing bitumen into euro barrels.

A feature of this project was the restrictions on the territory, so the use of highly efficient internal heating systems for bitumen Kupol-250-5000 was the ideal solution. The elements of the metal structures of the Kupol system are designed in such a way that they can be introduced into the tank through the existing manhole, so that there is no need to violate the structural integrity of the tank.
Manufactured and installed two systems for internal heating of bitumen, each with a capacity of up to 250 t / day (Kupol-250-5000).


  • Stage P design documentation

  • List of main and auxiliary technological equipment

  • Work technology with minimal operating costs

  • Innovative solutions to ensure the preservation of the quality of bitumen in the production process

Chief Engineer


After three months of working together, our production has reached a new level of capacity, thanks to well-designed storage technology. The company's specialists have carried out a full audit of our enterprise. Based on the results of the audit, they developed recommendations for improving the enterprise and formed schemes for improving the technological process.

Suitable equipment and services

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