Проект ДонПромПроект - компания Битумные Технологии

OOO DonPromProject


Main tasks

  • Development of the efficient technology for reception, storage and heating of bitumen

  • Development of the materials and equipment specification


Within the framework of technical upgrade of the light oil product depot the engineering part of the design was developed, including the piping and instrumentation diagram and the process flow diagram of the bitumen terminal, the layout of the terminal and its main areas: heating of heat-carrier, reception and discharge of bitumen. Also, junction points between bitumen and oil pipes and tanks and mains systems were elaborated in detail, and specification was developed. The bitumen terminal includes seven vertical steel storage tanks RVS 1000 and one vertical steel storage tank RVS 400, which will be used as an intensive heating tank. The terminal will be able to receive and discharge up to 200 tons of bitumen per day.


  • Engineering design of the bitumen terminal was developed

  • The detailed design of the heaters for the intensive heating tank RVS 400 (vertical steel storage tank)

Suitable equipment and services

Design and manufacture of highly efficient heating elements


Design of bitumen shops, warehouses and bases


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