Проект ГУП РО Аксайское ДРСУ - компания Битумные Технологии

State Unitary Enterprise of Rostov Region Tselina Road Maintenance and Construction Department


Main tasks

  • Reduction of energy costs for bitumen preparation

  • Development of the efficient technology for of bitumen heating


Inspection of the bitumen storage facility was done and recommendations on enhancement of energy efficiency of the process equipment were suggested. Sections of finned heating elements for the main bay and the pit of the pit-type storage with the capacity of 500 cub.m were designed and implemented. Sections of heating elements for the flame tubes of the above-ground bitumen storage with the capacity of 1,000 cub.m were designed and implemented. Automation of the facility production was done


  • Recommendations on reduction of energy costs

  • Manufacturing of efficient heating elements

  • Automation of production

Suitable equipment and services

Design of bitumen shops, warehouses and bases


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